Nail Enhancements

  • Acrylic With Gel Full set: $65+ | Fill in: $55+
  • Gel builder Full set: $70+ | Fill in: $55+
  • Acrylic Overlay With Gel Full set: $60+ | Fill in: $50+
  • Ombre Set Full set: $70+ | Fill in: $55+
  • Color Powder Set Full set: $65+ | Fill in: $55+
  • Gel-X Full set: $65+
  • Acrylic/ Gel X Removal Full set: $10 or $15
  • Gel X full set for Toes nails $35

    on top of Gel pedicure only

Dipping Powder

  • Dipping Powder $50+
  • Dipping Powder Full Set (add tips) $60+
  • Dipping Powder Ombre $70+
  • Dipping Removal (Without Any Service) $10

Additional Services

  • French $10+
  • Chrome/ Cateye $15+
  • Polish change on nails $15
  • Polish change on toenails $20
  • Buff shine $8+
  • Shape $5+/$10+
  • Cuticle care (with any artificial service) $10
  • Cut down (without any service) $10+
  • Kids Polish change on nails / toenails $8/$12

Special Packages


    (Manicure) - Royal Treatment. (Pedicure) - King & Queen’s Time Pedicure.

  • * PACKAGE:

    (Manicure) - Heavenly Chill (Pedicure) - Heavenly Chill or VIP NJOY 5*.


    (Kids Under 9 Years Old)

  • Mini Manicure $15
  • Mini Pedicure $25
  • Tropical-Jungle Spa Pedicure $62

Enjoy Chocolate (or Macaroon), then soak your feet with rose petals. Next we
use fresh fruits (sliced orange & aloe vera), cooling gel, vitamin C paraf in wax,
and 10 mins of candle massage to give you the best experience ever.

*Kids GEL add-on for $10 (each service).



    Pamper yourself with a glass of Champagne & Chocolate (or Macaroon) while soaking your hands with rose petals & sliced lemon. Then revitalize your skin and bid farewell to tired, lackluster complexions with our unique formula exfoliates, cleanses, and moisturizes the skin to reveal a brighter, healthier-looking complexion that's silky smooth to the touch by using the Vitamin C paraf in wax and massage for 15 mins for shoulders & hands with the candle oil.


    Enjoy a glass of Champagne & Chocolate (or Macaroon), then treat yourself to an ultimate hand treatment fit for royalty! Our nourishing formula is perfect for rejuvenating tired, dry hands and promoting soft, youthful-looking skin with a radiant glow by using the vitamin C paraf in wax then enjoying a special 15-min shoulder & hand massage with Soy candle oil.


    Refresh your feeling by soaking in rose petals & sliced lemon. Then reverse signs of aging instantly while beautifying your nails with this energizing treatment in the vitamin C paraf in wax and an oil massage for shoulder & hand for 10 mins. 


    Replenish your tired hands with our luxurious treatment to give them a new feel with the vitamin C paraf in wax and a 5-min hand oil massage. REFRESH


    A quick manicure to give a fresh look to your hands with nail trimming, shaping, regular polish, and lotion massage.

*ADD-ONS for Mani or Pedi:

  • Gel $15 ($5 For Take-Off)
  • Paraffin $10
  • 10 Minutes Massage $15


Our pedicure spa will include a package of NEW file, buffer, callus buffer stone, a DISPOSABLE bubble jet & BRAND NEW paraffin wax for your 



  • Nose $20
  • Eyebrows $15
  • Lips $10
  • Chin $10+
  • Side Burn $15
  • Whole face $45+
  • Full Arm & Hands $55+
  • Half Arm & Hands $45+
  • Full Arm $50+
  • Half Arm $35+
  • Under Arm $15+
  • Full Legs & Bikini $85+
  • Half Legs & Bikini $60+
  • Bikini Line $45+
  • Full Stomach $35+
  • Brazillian $65+
  • Lower Legs $40+
  • Upper Legs $45+
  • Full Legs $65+
  • Back (Low) $20+
  • Back (Mid) $20+
  • Full Back $55+
  • Chest $50+


NJOY Nails Spa was designed to give you an unforgettable experience and the most attention care. We aim to provide our clients with fabulously indulgent nail care while maintaining a high level of cleanliness and sterilization. We aim to build and maintain a relationship with our clients and provide you with a warm atmosphere to enjoy, relax, and unwind. NJOY Nails Spa is genuinely dedicated to our customers. 

Our salon has the following policy for the mutual convenience of our clients and our salon. 

* We have the right to refuse or stop service for anyone rude or comes in with a bad attitude. 

* Health issues or diabetes must be communicated before service.

* We are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items and gift cards. 

* We do not provide refunds on services. However, we will try our best to resolve your issues with the services. 

* Our prices are available on the menu, and please confirm the prices with the nail techs before receiving the services. 

* Please give us advance notice for canceling appointments. 

* Ask for the service which you would like to have. If you need clarification, please tell the salon’s manager. 

* If you are unsatisfied with our service, please speak with the manager immediately, and we will do our best to remedy the situation.